About the unit

SEVER is a voluntary unit and officially registered in Ukraine civil squad for the protection of public order and state border (CS), acting on the basis of the Charter and legislation of Ukraine. SEVER was created in August 2014 and since then it has been constantly engaged in anti-terrorism and counter-sabotage work, assisting in maintaining public order in different regions of Ukraine (including the South and the East), as well as guarding the state border along with the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. In January 2015, air intelligence and analytics unit and communications unit were established on the basis of SEVER, and a little later, a research and production center was established at the headquarters of SEVER in the city of Chernigov. Since that time, aerial reconnaissance using various types of unmanned aerial vehicles and data analytics have become the focus of SEVER. In November 2019, a separate search and rescue squad was formed on the basis of SEVER.

For 5 years of operation, SEVER has become a well-organized professional structure with a wide range of opportunities and activities. On an ongoing basis, SEVER cooperates with the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the Anti-Terrorism Center, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories, local governments at various levels, many industrial associations and public organizations.

For its professional activities, SEVER has been repeatedly noted and awarded by various government agencies, such as:

  • Antiterrorist Center
  • State Border Guard Service of Ukraine
  • Security Service of Ukraine
  • Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
  • Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine
  • Ministry of Temporary Occupied Territories

Search and Rescue Squad

In November 2019, SEVER Civil Squad and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine signed a large Memorandum on partnership and cooperation. In addition, the first Ukrainian separate voluntary Search and Rescue Squad (SRS) was created on the basis of SEVER. Its tasks will include prevention and liquidation of emergencies, the search for missing people, assistance in non-standard situations, prevention of threats to public safety.

Anyone can join SEVER Search and Rescue Squad. You need to fill out a candidate form and wait for the coordinators to contact you.

Participation in the squad activities is possible only on a voluntary basis.


Developments in the field of security, communications and UAVs are carried out on the basis of SEVER Research and Production Center. We look forward to any healthy interest in our work.


    Platform for mass launch of UAVs from high altitude


    Flight control and search for objects system without operator intervention and the use of gps navigation


    Autonomous information transfer system.


You can contact us with any question:

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The financing of SERER activities is completely donational and is carried out from the funds of the unit members and due to support of ordinary people for whom our activities are important.

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